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2nd International Printmaking Biennial "Mitrovica Print" Kosovo locandina kosovo 2023D Savini 2023 Assenza di Spazio e tempo absence of space and time puntasecca e vernice ferromicacea drypoint and ferrous paint on plexiglass cm 30x18

First Prize
2023 Assenza di Spazio e tempo (absence of space and time)
puntasecca e vernice ferromicacea (drypoint and ferrous paint)
on plexiglass cm 30x18
 I inform you that the opening of the 2nd edition of the International Graphics Biennale "Mitrovica Print", with the participation of 99 artists from 34 countries of the world, opens on Monday on 04.12.2023 at 17:00 at the Art Gallery "Kadri Kadriu" North Mitrovica-Kosovo with curator Tafil Pecin PhD.c. with critic of the Biennale prof. Dr. of art history. Hivzi Muharremi, Professional Jury consisting of Prof. Fatmir Krypa - Kosovo. Academician Fehim Huskovic - North Macedonia and dr. Burhan Ahmeti-North Macedonia will do the awarding of prizes I, II, III

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