Menzione d'onore al International Sint-Niklaas 2019 bookplates and small printmaking competition. biennale exlibris sint niklass 2019

A total of 312 participants from 40 countries submitted 760 items. The jury selected about 150 prints from 116 artists for the exhibition. The start of the Sint-Niklaas 2019 Printmaking Biennial, the opening of the exhibition and the proclamation of the competition will take place on next Sunday April, 14 at 11 AM at the venue of the exhibition in the museumcomplex, Zwijgershoek 14 at 9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.


(Un totale di 312 partecipanti provenienti da 40 paesi hanno presentato 760 articoli. La giuria ha selezionato per la mostra circa 150 stampe di 116 artisti )
partecipazione sint Niklaas 2019 savini

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